Delivery & Returns


We take our delivery obligations seriously and understand it is part of our order fulfilment. We believe that our transport partner is an extension to your service experience with Cope and Timmins UK and aim to ensure it meets your expectations.

We track all orders to minimise any failed deliveries or disruption. Where we see some potential disruption we will call to assist and make you aware as soon as possible.

However, it is your obligation to make arrangements to safely receive your order as planned to ensure the delivery stage runs without disruption.

Delivery Time

We aim to deliver all orders within 5 working days, based on the  morning after the date we received your order. This gives the workshop team time to plan and organise the workflow, including orders placed the evening before.

Despatch Notifications

In order for you to make the necessary arrangements to receive your order we will email you to let you know when your order reaches the following stages.

  1. Expected next day despatch (order is awaiting packing). Normally released late afternoon
  2. Order has been despatched (once our transport partner has collected you order).*

*Any delivery notes and requested labelling will either be included on the shipping label or on a separate label attached to each parcel. Notes can be added during your order  process in the "Note to Cope & Timmins" box on the shopping cart page.

All orders to Zone 1 (mainland UK) are despatched for next day delivery. Zones 2, 3 & 4 may take 2 or more days.

If you would like to stop the anticipated delivery and arrange an alternative date, please call or email before 12.00 to cancel your order despatch and arrange an alternative day.

Delivery Charges

Delivery charges will be applied, where applicable, during your order checkout. We have broken down our UK delivery charges into the following 4 zones:

Zone 1, UK Mainland

Small items, (Royal Mail, 1st Class, Signed For) £5.50. Large items, (Next Day Carrier) £12.00 and complimentary on all orders over £170.00

Zone 2, Isle of Wight

Small items (Royal Mail, 1st Class, Signed For) £5.50. Large items (courier) £12.00 and complimentary on all orders over £250.00.

Zone 3

Small items (Royal Mail, 1st Class, Signed For) £5.50. Large items (courier) £18.00 and complimentary on all orders over £300.00

AB31, AB32, AB33, AB34, AB35, AB36, AB37, AB38, AB40, AB41, AB42, AB43, AB44, AB45, AB51, AB52, AB53, AB54, AB55, AB56, IV1, IV10, IV11, IV12, IV13, IV14, IV15, IV16, IV17, IV18, IV19, IV2, IV20, IV21, IV22, IV23, IV24, IV25, IV26, IV27, IV28, IV3, IV30, IV31, IV32, IV33, IV34, IV35, IV36, IV4 IV40, IV5, IV52, IV53, IV54, IV6, IV63, IV7, IV8, IV9, KW1, KW10, KW11, KW12, KW13, KW14, KW3, KW5, KW6, KW7, KW8, KW9, PA21, PA22, PA23, PA24, PA25, PA26, PA27, PA28, PA29, PA30, PA31, PA32, PA33, PA34, PA35, PA36, PA37, PA38, PH10, PH11, PH12, PH13, PH14, PH15, PH16, PH17, PH18, PH19, PH20, PH21, PH22, PH23, PH24, PH25, PH26, PH3, PH30, PH31, PH32, PH33, PH34, PH35, PH36, PH37, PH38, PH39, PH4, PH40, PH41, PH49, PH5, PH50, PH6, PH7, PH8, PH9

Zone 4

Small items (Royal Mail, 1st Class, Signed For) £5.50. Large items (courier) £21.00 and complimentary on all orders over £350.00

BT1, BT10, BT11, BT12, BT13, BT14, BT15, BT16, BT17, BT18, BT19, BT2, BT20, BT21, BT22, BT23, BT24, BT25, BT26, BT27, BT28, BT29, BT3, BT30, BT31, BT32, BT33, BT34, BT35, BT36, BT37, BT38, BT39, BT4, BT40, BT41, BT42, BT43, BT44, BT45, BT46, BT47, BT48, BT49, BT5, BT51, BT52, BT53, BT54, BT55, BT56, BT57, BT6, BT60, BT61, BT62, BT63, BT64, BT65, BT66, BT67, BT68, BT69, BT7, BT70, BT71, BT74, BT75, BT76, BT77, BT78, BT79, BT8, BT80, BT81, BT82, BT9, BT92, BT93, BT94, HS1, HS2, HS3, HS4, HS5, HS6, HS7, HS8, HS9, IM1, IM2, IM3, IM4, IM5, IM6, IM7, IM8, IM9, IV41, IV42, IV43, IV44, IV45, IV46, IV47, IV48, IV49, IV51, IV55, IV56, IV99, KA27, KA28, KA29, KA30, KW15, KW16, KW17, KW2, PA20, PA39, PA40, PA41, PA42, PA43, PA44, PA45, PA46, PA47, PA48, PA49, PA60, PA61, PA62, PA63, PA64, PA65, PA66, PA67, PA68, PA69, PA70, PA71, PA72, PA73, PA74, PA75, PA76, PA77, PA78, PA80, PA81, PA82, PA83, PA84, PA85, PA86, PA87, PA88, PH42, PH43, PH44, ZE1, ZE2 & ZE3.

Normal Delivery Times

As the majority of our curtain pole orders are finished to order, we normally take up to 5 -10 working days to deliver your order. We have set the  10 working days from the morning after the order was placed, as we receive orders after hours and our workshop manager will only become aware of the your order the following morning. Larger orders may take a little longer. Where we are anticipating some delay we will contact you to discuss the situation and options.

Using the standard service our transport partner will deliver between 8am and 6pm Monday – Friday only. We are restricted in our transport partner selection due to pole length and residential delivery.  Where you need your order urgently or would like to nominate a delivery date, please call 01751 430350 to discuss to see if we can assist.

Taking Delivery

When taking delivery, please ensure you check the parcels for external damage before signing for your order. We appreciate it can be a little pressured but a quick glance for any external parcel punctures or tears will be helpful. Where you find some parcel damage, simply ask the delivery driver to note the parcel damage before you sign. You do not have to open the parcel there and then, simply request the driver to record  the parcel damage without any fuss or debate.

Once you have signed for the goods you are responsible for their safe keeping.

If you request for your parcels to be left  in a safe place, Cope & Timmins can not be held responsible should the parcels  be damaged or stolen. 

Failed Delivery

We will be tracking your order to ensure the delivery goes as planned. However, where there is a transport issue or potential delay, we will follow up with our carrier and contact you to make you aware of the issue as soon as possible. However, it is your responsibility to be available to receive your delivery on the scheduled day (between 8am – 6pm).

Where the delivery cannot be made the courier will leave a card confirming first attempt, including contact details to arrange a second delivery attempt. If you do not contact the courier they will normally schedule a second delivery attempt the following working day.

If the second delivery fails they will hold the order for 4 days (awaiting contact from you) and then arrange for your order to be returned to us. Where an order is returned to us there will be a failed delivery return charge of £20.00 charged to your account. We will refund the value of your order less any outbound transport charges and the failed delivery return charge. See Terms and Conditions for payment refunds.

Returns and Amendments

Where you wish to amend or return your order, in full or part, you must confirm by calling 01751 430350 or email your intention within 30 days of the delivery of your order. We will then confirm a Return Order Number (RON) that must be used on the external face of the parcel to aid identification and to avoid any confusion upon receipt. After the date of your notification you then have a further 30 days in which to return the order.

After the expiry of the 30 day periods, it is at the sole discretion of Cope & Timmins whether to accept your order return.

Please confirm once you have despatched your returning order and the courier’s name and contact number so that we can expect the arrival.

You will need to organise a courier. We recommend insuring your order for the full retail value. We are unable to offer a refund where goods have been damaged in transit.

Upon receipt of your parcel(s), we will sign as received but not checked. Where outer boxing is damaged, we will note this or where it is substantially damaged we will reject the delivery.

Our workshop will check all returned components. Please note the returned order (all components) must be undamaged and unmarked, in an as new, resaleable condition, prior to a refund being authorised.

A full refund will be made against returned orders, including any delivery charges paid. Where the returned goods reduce the retained order value below the stated complimentary delivery amount for your zone, we will provide a full refund less the applicable delivery charge on the revised order value.