Wooden Curtain Pole Fitting Instructions

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Wood Curtain Pole Fitting Instructions

Please read through these instructions before making any permanent fixings or adjustments. In the unlikely event of discovering a component is missing, please call us on 01751 430350. Two people may be needed to install the pole set.

Position bracket fixing plates on the wall at least 8cm outside of the window edges and mark the wall where the brackets should be fixed. A spirit level should be used to ensure the pole is lined up correctly but before drilling check your ceiling level to make sure the pole and the ceiling are running together. Where the ceiling is not level, the pole can be adjusted slightly out of level to compensate for the ceiling line. We have often found you get a better look when lining the pole with the ceiling rather than to simply level the pole.

An extra bracket is provided with the 240 (40mm poles only) 300, 360 and 480cm poles for central support. This should be fitted after the end brackets to ensure accurate alignment. Make sure the centre bracket is at the same height as the side brackets to avoid any dip. The 240, 300, 360 and 480cm poles are supplied as two poles.

Drill holes (using a 6mm drill bit) accordingly and fix bracket fixing plates to the wall using the wall plugs and screws provided. Please note the wall plugs provided are suitable for solid walls only. Attach brackets to the fixing plate and screw fully back to wall positioning the bracket cup ready to take the pole.

If you need to cut the length of a two piece pole set you need to cut equal amounts off each pole as this will ensure the joint sits above the central bracket. It is best to position the cut face to the ends of the jointed poles as the finial sits over the end of the pole and masks any small cutting imperfections.

Lower the pole on to the brackets and then revolve both poles to bring the preferred grain features into view. Then gently left the pole end and slide on the rings. Where there is a centre bracket insure equal number of rings each side of the centre bracket. Retain two rings to place on the pole at the end once the poles have been secured to the bracket. One ring should be placed between the end bracket and the finial to hold the end of the curtain in place.

Where a centre bracket is supplied ensure the joint sits on the centre line of the centre bracket. Then insert fixing screw into the base one of the end brackets to secure one length of pole. Then repeat for the other side, applying a gentle lateral pressure to ensure the centre joint is fully closed. Once both ends then insert and fix the centre bracket to the poles.

Place one ring onto the ends of the pole. Then insert the finial dowel into the base of the finial and attach to the pole using the pilot holes. Please note, the bracket acts as stop for operating the curtains (open and closed), so the two last rings on the pole need to be positioned accordingly. The finial is decorative and in an ideal situation the outside line of the curtain should sit around 1cm of the finial base. This can be achieved by positioning the hooks on the curtain head tape.

Your pole is now ready to accept your curtains. If you have any further questions or problems regarding fitting please, do not hesitate to call our technical support.

Care Instructions                          

Dust regularly with a soft dry cloth. Do not use household cleaners or abrasives.