Measuring Advice

First, you need to consider the window location. You may find a wall or column reduces the space you have for one or both ends of the curtain pole and finial. Also, look at possible surrounding fittings or fixtures that could affect your pole and window treatment, such as light switches etc.

On all our pole sets, the pole length quoted excludes the finial length. Where you have a recess or adjacent wall you need to take this into account when choosing your finial design to ensure you have enough space.

Note that with a curtain pole the curtains hang beneath, so the pole will need to be fitted at least 10-20cm above the head of the window to ensure the window is fully covered.

To find out the curtain pole length required, an easy formula, is be to add a minimum of 30cm (15cm each side) to the window opening width to allow for the curtains, when opened to overlap the window reveal.

Illustration showing windowframe with wooden curtain pole assembly dimensions

Step 1: Measure the actual width of the window reveal or window opening (shown as dimension A). Where your window does not sit within a reveal, you need to measure the outside edge of the frame.

Step 2: Now decide on the extent of overlap required each side of the window reveal required for your chosen curtain look. We recommend a minimum of 15cm for 40mm poles and 20cm for 50mm poles (shown as dimension B) on either side of the window recess (not including the finial length).

Step 3: To calculate and select the required pole length, you add B+A+B. This gives the pole length for your window. You will then need to select from our standard pole lengths. Where you do not have an exact length match, you will need to select the next size up to allow the pole to be cut down to your individual requirements. We will be happy to cut the pole for you at no extra cost.

Step 4: Finally check to ensure there is enough space on each end of the pole for your finial selection.

Where your curtain is covering a doorway (patio door etc) you may want to consider adding a little more length to your pole so the curtain can sit further back from the flow of traffic.

If you are uncertain on how to measure for your pole, please contact us on 01751 430350 and we will be pleased to help where we can.